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What are the long term benefits of yoga?

The Long Term Benefits of Yoga

Aside from the obvious benefits of increased flexibility, yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and improve cardio-respiratory fitness. It also helps people suffering from hypertension maintain blood pressure balance because it restores baroreceptor sensitivity. There are many more benefits to yoga than these. Here are just a few of them. Read on to find out what else you can expect from yoga. The long-term benefits of yoga are well worth trying.

Improved flexibility

Regular yoga exercises to improve your flexibility. The flexibility you achieve from stretching your muscles will help you move more easily and without causing injury. The physical benefits of yoga can be felt long after you finish your practice. Increased flexibility means that your muscles are able to withstand a wider variety of stress, including strain and injury. In addition, increased flexibility means that your posture will improve, as your muscles will be more limber and your balance will be better.


The therapeutic qualities of yoga for relaxation and stress management are well-known. Yoga helps you learn how to control your breathing, improve your heart-rate variability, and regulate your body's response to stress. By combining the physical benefits of yoga with its mental benefits, it helps you deal with the pressure of everyday life and prevent overeating. It also helps you become more aware of your own body and its natural reactions to stress and other conditions.

Reduced stress

The long-term benefits of yoga are numerous, but perhaps the most important is reduced stress. According to recent studies, yoga is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. Research shows that yoga can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as help individuals manage their weight. Those who have suffered trauma or mental illness can benefit especially from yoga. Researchers from the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute recruited women who had suffered traumatic experiences to take part in yoga therapy. They had to undergo eight 75-minute sessions of Hatha yoga.

Improved mood

According to recent research, yoga can improve your mood and lower your anxiety levels. The same brain structures that are boosted by aerobic exercise are also enhanced by yoga. According to the researchers, people who practice yoga have larger hippocampus and cingulate cortex, which control the function of the brain's executive functions, such as decision-making, planning, and self-control. In addition, studies show that yoga improves memory.

Improved immune system

One of the many benefits of practicing yoga is a stronger immune system. The various postures of yoga improve lymphatic drainage. Lymph is a viscous fluid in the body that contains immune cells. As the body's natural defense system, lymph helps fight infection, eliminate cancer cells, and remove toxins. Many chronic conditions are characterized by increased levels of inflammation. Yoga helps reduce the levels of inflammatory markers in the body.

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